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The Open Education at Bay Path University is a Pressbooks network available to members of Bay Path University. Within this site you can find textbooks authored by members of the Bay Path community. You can also adopt, adapt, or create your own textbook.


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Pressbooks is a platform that enables you or you and collaborators to edit or create a textbook tailored specifically for your course. It can also be used to create resources and materials that are not available in the form you want. Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert! We can help you all along your journey. To get started you can explore the variety of books already hosted by Pressbooks in their Directory.

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Ready to get Started?

The Health Science and Scholarly Communications Librarian, Dr. Shannon Compton, and the Online Learning Librarian, William Guida, can help you find a textbook that you can clone, edit, adapt, or adopt. We can even help you create and publish your own work!

Reach out to us!

Shannon Compton, PhD, AHIP

William Guida, MLIS