Exercise: Having Changed


Learning Objectives

At the end of this exercise, participants will be able to:

  • Review and recap key learnings from this workshop that will have an impact on their future collaborations and designs.
  • Study, or consider, their work in both conscious and unconscious areas of collaboration, design, and facilitations and interactions with communities.
  • Choose one exercise and draft idea from this workshop to turn into a more realized practical application.

Suggested Materials


  • Presenter display, such as connected television or projector.
  • Sticky notes, easel and post-it sizes.
  • Writing utensils to hand out to participants.


  • Computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Post-it notes and writing utensil (provided by presenter)

Estimated Activity Time

Forty-five minutes.

Exercise Outline

This is the culminating exercise, and is all about self-reflection. One prompt, based on the readings, exercises and activities contained in the workshop.

Participants may use the Having Changed Question Template to get started.

Exercise GuidelineS

Following the guidance set by Story Structure 101, think of this workshop and your participation in it as a character in a television show, podcast, book, or movie. Chart your path through everything you have encountered in this workshop – including inclusive language, accessibility, and Universal Design for Learning. Then, take time to reflect on the following:

  1. What or when do you envision your “Having Changed” moment in this workshop?
  2. What action steps does that lead you to?


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